mitt romney sucks pass it on

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Ellen Degeneres for President.

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i cannot feckin run

omg i’ve watched this like 100 times today

I have never laughed so hard

i know all of the words and re-enacted this to my friend today

Tears are running down my cheeks :’) best thing on Tumblr

omg looool


favorite thing on Tumblr!

omfg so cute yet funny at the same time

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Reblog if you love One Direction


Look the notes

if you don’t reblog this; then why are you even here!?

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Only 65% of the directioners knew 1D before iCarly, Brit Awards and KCA. Reblog if you’re part of these 65%



Meet Jade. She killed herself three days after making this video.. Teenage suicide accounts for 31,000 suicides a year in the U.S, making it the 3rd leading cause of suicide. Worldwide, nearly one million people commit suicide every year.. more than those murdered or killed in war. Think before you say something hurtful to someone else. It may look like they’re okay, but they’re not. Words are more powerful than you think. Repost this not just for Jade, but for every teenager who is going through what she went through. You can help save a life. And wasn’t she just fucking gorgeous? I WILL FOREVER REBLOG THIS.

i will neever not reblog this.. :\

if they hate on someone so pretty i wonder what awaits me being fat and ugly…im getting rlly scared to go into HS


the One Direction fandom has taken over this website